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Dove/Hummingbird body size?

Matt the Cat

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Hi all.


Are the body dimensions on the Epi Dove/Hummingbird the same as the Gibson varieties? In pictures the Epi’s look smaller to me. Could be optical illusion with the different shaped/length headstocks making the overall impression different. The shoulders look narrower on the epi’s too. Does anyone have the actual specs to compare?


Cheers, Matt

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I'm not 100% postive about the square shoulder dreads, but he round shoulder Epi J models are certainly different in dimesion from Gibson models. I don't doubt you would find the same thing regarding the Hummingbird and Dove.


The Epi Hummingbird is also long scale, like the Dove. The Gibson Hummingbird is famously a short scale design.


Red 333

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