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Epiphone EA-50 phantom amp

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hello I'm a newbie looking for some info. I have an Epi EA-50 pacemaker (at least that is what the front panel says on this small dark grey amp) but; the schematics of an ea-50 don't match this amp. It has three tubes ,which are 2) 6BQ5 & 1)12au7. the covering is a dark grey the knobs are gray as well as the painted front & back panels which are the chasis). the amps sides are angled in at the top towards the center of the amp. These angles are about in the top 3" of the amp. the amp demensions are 17" wide x 14.75" high x 7.5 inches deep at the base and up to 11.5" high then it slants in at the top & it is 4.75" wide on top. It is like a raised pyramid with the top chop off flat.

I cannot find this scematic in any of the Gibson, Kalamazoo, or Epiphone sites or any of the free schematic site. I wonder if anyone out there knows what this amp really is. The manufacturer's date going by all the components is 1965 around the 40-44 week.




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Unfortunately, Gibson did change designs mid-stream on some models, and didn't always keep pristine records about the changes. SOMEBODY would probably have the schematic, but good luck finding it. There's a place online that CLAIMS to have all schems available, for $15.


"Epiphone EA-50 Pacemaker Guitar Amplifier Schematic

Contents: Schematics.

Note: We have all versions, send tube list with order. ($15)"




Otherwise, you'll have to either draw one up yourself or have someone else do it for you, unless you happen to stumble across it somewhere.

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