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Guitar you've owned the longest....


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So, I've been looking over my gear today...Thinking about this and that...


Ex: 1 - Should I trade off my LR Baggs Para DI Box and put the $$ towards and acoustic amp?

2 - Or do i put that $$ towards and Epi El 00?


What do i "need" vs. what do i "want"


Point is most of my guitars don't have much resale value- they have certain cosmetic changes that no person off the street would say oh, yeah, ok sure, i'll buy that!

Along with the fact that I've just used them so much, i rely on them for what they are. I can't sell them for as much as they mean to me...blah blah blah.

My Epis are not that old. My Hummingbird just 2 years(made Feb07) and my Dot a few months(to me- though made Sept08)


I have guitars, of course, that i wish i still had. At 28, I think I'm too young to be saying that already.

But, I do have my first acoustic, my Gibson J-50. It's 7 years old now.I plan on holding on to it!


I know some people here have some guitars that their parents bought them as teenagers...

I'm just wondering about what some of you have. what it is that you've held on to for 20+ years.

Why you keep it. what it means to you. what it inspires etc...


Stories like this are typically as good as guitars found under beds...or better.

Does it have to be Epiphone specific? Nah.

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My Hamer "Slammer" Pacer, that my mom bought me, when I was 13 ('94). I've played the HELL out of this thing over the years, but to look at it you wouldn't be able to tell, cause' it still looks new...with the exception of the rusted pickguard screws.

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My Gibson Les Paul (bought as a '58 re-issue, paid $400 extra, probably smoked by an unscrupulous dealer)

was the 1st "keeper" for me.....an early '89 model, told it was a 30th. anniversary edition.

All the s/n comes up with is the date, & Nashville Tn.


I played it for 10 yrs..........gave it to my son, he played it for a couple of yrs........when he passed away, I loaned it to his best friend for 6 months.........got it back early in '01.....i'll never part with it. It still plays great.





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I have a 1980 Daion Heritage 78 acoustic ( The Brown one in my Avatar), bought secondhand for me by my grandfather in February 1982 (He died in the July of that year), from Len Stiles music shop in Catford, South east London. It cost £130 then, plus another £30 for the case, and has been my constant companion ever since. I have written about 95% of my songs on this guitar. It has huge sentimental value, and sounds pretty good as well, particularly with new strings. It is now in gentle retirement, and I use a 1962 Levin Goliath as my main acoustic now, but this still holds pride of place for me, and Daions are becoming quite collectable too.


The Daion second from left, with "Shrek" my home built Tele, my Lennon 65 Casino, and my fabulous Sonic Blue Classic player Strat!



My wonderful 62 Levin LM26 "Goliath".




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That would be This One! I Mom bought if (new) for me' date=' for my14th birthday (45 years ago),

and I still have it, and always will. It was my very first "electric" guitar. She paid

$280.00 including case, in 1964.








Charlie, that Strat has got to be worth $300 by now!

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1968 Guild Starfire. Bought it in 1983. I traded them an SG that I had ruined trying to refinish it.

Here I am playing it in 1986. I also own the 1978 Guild S-100 that the other guy's playing. It's in the background of picture 2!



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Wow, CB's mom buys him a strat, TulsaSlim buys a Gibson.


All my parents bought me (in the 60's) was a Sears Silvertone. I still have it; though now a days it has been relegated to an art piece and sits proudly on a stand in the corner.




By and by, those are both great guitars, but somehow I think you both knew that.

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Well, I dont have any fancy-schmancy pics to post for this at the moment, but the guitar I've owned the longest is my Kingston Acoustic (first guitar). I've had it since 1992. I still have it purely for sentimental reasons...and the fact that no one in their right mind would want it, let alone pay for it.


The runner-up is my Epiphone S-500. I bought it in 1998. Loaned it to a friend in 2003 and didnt get it back until this year...in less than stellar condition. But thats another story...

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Stand on it? You mean like stilts? :-s


I think it's just in reference to how strong they are. I think i saw an ad once where some one was standing on a steiny guitar...

maybe an illusion?

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