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Epi Valve junior as full stack

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I know that this thread has been done already, but unless i missed it then this is a spinoff of a previous question. It was about making the evj as a full stack with two similar speakers. The replies generally said that the only way was to mod it. However can I use the epi valve junior head with three speakers of the varying omhs as in one with 4 ohms, one with 8 ohms and one with 16 ohms? would this take away from tone ? and would i have to mod it to hook it up with a 3 speaker config (ie) one 4, 8 and 16 ohm ?

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"Stacks" as commonly used means a head driven unit (not combo) and sure, you can drive as many stacks as you want if you keep the ohms matched to the output. Most of us use 2x12 cabs (that's a 1/4 stack since Marshall, the stack craze starter used a 4x12 as a 1/2 stack). I have 2 2x12 cabs (or a 1/2 stack) that I place on both ends of the stage for outdoor venues. Give better separation and more aparent volume to cover the wide open space.


Now I don't know where you read what you mentioned but it doesn't sound like any advice I recall seeing on this forum -- mostly b/c it's flat out wrong.

-- No mods are needed to VJr.

-- Epi does not recommend using multiple outputs (although some here have done it and said no damage resulted)

-- Best tone will be had by using the full winding of the OT -- that means the 16 ohm output


So buy 2 - 8 ohm speakers and wire them in series (or 4 - 16 ohm wired series-parallel) or whole hog wild 8 8 or 16 ohm wired series-parallel, etc..., stack 'em to the sky and rock on.


Hit every BLUE NOTE baaaaby..., I'm going to play on:-"

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I think Steven he was referring to modifying the stock Epip speaker cabinet for dual inputs.


Collin its not a good idea to mix ohms of speakers,, IE putting a 4ohm on the 4ohm out, 8 on 8 and 16 on 16 at the same time is not a good idea.

Tube amps don’t work that way and look for a specific load on their output transformers caused by the speaker(s) attached.


Lets say this as an example: the Epip speaker cab is say 16 ohms the you could get a mono-Y connector from Radio Shack and connect two Epip cabs to one 8ohm output jack.


There are some (Twang comes to mind) that runs the combo 8” with an external 12” speaker.

But since I never run like that I can never remember the rule about reflective loading..

Think if you do that you move the 8ohm internal speaker to 4ohms and the 16ohm speaker to the 8ohms, I think that’s it.. but others may come to my rescue.

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