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50's epiphone case????


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Hi, I have 61 Coronet that i finally found an original case for and I'm trying to identify the old case it was in when i got it. I was told it's a 50's Epiphone LP style tweed case. I'm not sure how to post a pic on this forum but if someone can walk me thru it I can post them to get some opinions.

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To upload a photo, you need to upload it to an image-hosting site. I use Photobucket.


Then paste the IMG code into a message.


Epiphone didn't begin making Les Pauls until the late 80s. The only Les Paul-shaped model before that was the brief run of Spirits made by Gibson in 1982.


In the 50s, Epiphone was making only archtop electric guitars. They were sold to Gibson in 1957 and began producing Epiphone guitars in Kalamazoo in 1958... I don't have any definitive dates, but I believe the first Epiphone solidbody electric guitars were made in 1961. That includes the Coronet, the Wilshire, the Crestwood, and the Olympic.


Your case, if it's Les Paul-shaped, is most likely from the Epiphone version of Gibson's Melody Maker... I believe it was also called the Olympic.

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