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HNGD ... a complete surprise!


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Have you ever had a guitar that was not even on your radar sneak up and put the bite on you? It happened to me yesterday …


I mentioned in the Gibson Bus thread that I had some time to kill owing to having been given the wrong times by a Sam Ash employee. I spent part of my time over at Cowtown guitars. This is the shop where I picked up my Epi Firebird VII a few weeks ago. They are no longer going to be an Epiphone dealer (just Fenders and various other smaller brands as well as their trade in used and vintage instruments) and have been closing out all of their remaining stock at great prices.


To make a long story short, I played a ’58 Korina Flying V for the first time … and I loved it! I always thought they would be uncomfortable to play seated, but I just didn’t find this to be the case. In fact, holding the guitar with the lower point between my legs (shut up!) leaves the neck at a really great angle! The sound is nice and bright and the action and neck are wonderful!


It’s a 2007 Un Sung, was brand new and still had the plastic on the pups, bridge plate and pickguard. I got it for $375 out the door … not a bad price compared to GC, MF and just about every place else. Anyway, it was a complete surprise to me. Probably something I should have passed up money-wise, but good deals on snappy guitars don’t come along ever day!


Here are a couple of pics:






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Haha! Excellent buy. You better bust out some Dave Davies riffs on that! Great little find. Sorry to hijack your thread now but these are the only pics that have ever inclined me to get a bit of Flying V Gas!


Always nice to encounter another Kinks fanatic. If I really wanted to start an argument here' date=' I'd express the opinion that Ray Davies was [i']the[/i] champion British (specifically English) songwriter of his generation, (a generation that included Messrs Jagger, Richards, Lennon, McCartney, Townshend, Lane, Marriott, Barrett et al, ad infinitum).


Which is by the by...Yes, I agree with you. I have little GAS for Flying Vs, but Dave Davies put his to good use. Curiously, Dave claims it's a non-standard V...some kind of prototype:


"It's a slightly different shape from the Flying V because it was in fact a prototype V. The story behind it was, I used to play a Guild custom built guitar and the airline lost it on our first American tour in '64 or '65. In those days I used to only carry one guitar around and I had to get a replacement quick. I went into a store and they didn't have anything I liked. I saw this dusty old guitar case and I said 'What have you got in there?' he said 'Oh, that's just some silly old guitar.' He got it out and I bought it for about $60."


Source: http://www.davedavies.com/guitars/guitars2.htm#guitar8


To return to the original topic of the thread...Nice guitar Jim, and a good deal. HNGD!

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[i think that Ray Davies is easily up there with Lennon and McCartney (and I don't think any else are) and definitely the most quintessentially British songwriter of all time. Imaginative and Unpredictable but always likeable. Almost too good at times... I could go on all day about the Kinks' underrated albums/tracks. Village Green, Arthur, Muswell Hillbillies, Preservation Act 1 etc etc]

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Another interesting Flying V...


Albert King's "Flying Arrow...."


Subsequently owned by Keith Richards:





And unfortunately stolen from Keith by a drug dealer in the south of France, during the recording of Exile on Main St. in 1971.

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Some guitars you just *have* to buy. It happens to me all the time. Wives don't always understand' date=' but we do.[/quote']


I do believe, with careful choice of words to conserve space, YOU have just designed

my next Summer T-shirt!!!!!

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Congrats Midiman,,nice deal!!! They are sweet axes and fun to play. I love my 98,,got it in 2000. Of course it wasnt half as much fun till i got the Explorer to match in 2001,and then of course last year when i found out there was a Korina Sg too,,> Face it ,,it never ends ,,and that my friend is the fun of it. HNGD!!!! Enjoy it!!!,,Maniak



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Beautiful guitar! Those V's look fantastic in natural.


I always thought they would be uncomfortable to play seated' date=' but I just didn’t find this to be the case. In fact, holding the guitar with the lower point between my legs (shut up!) leaves the neck at a really great angle![/quote']


Just curious, since I've never played a V seated or standing, but does that mean you hold it sort of like Bill Wyman holds his bass?

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Congrats Jim..good score!

gonna leave it stock?

Due to my back, I also play a good bit while sitting, and have never had a problem making it work with my V.


If you don't want to toss the $60 to get a V-stand, heres a pic or 2 of what you can build for about $15

and 2 hrs time tops..........it works GREAT !





Give me a shout if you want/need a parts list & dimensions.

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