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Can you use 2 out of the three speaker inputs on an evj at the same time if one is an 8 ohm and the other is 4 ohm? also would this amp be loud enough for 100-150 person gig? or would i be better off with the vox vt 30 or vt50? i like the evj cos its cheap and then i can put lots of pedals!

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INPUTS/OUTPUTS -- The Epi rep. I spoke with a while back said NO NEVER. But, some members have used two outs without reporting any problems (I think it was the 16 and the 4 but someone who's done it step in and clarify).


LOUDNESS -- 100/150 no problem. Quite a few of us play venues up to 300 and mike it to a PA only where acoustics are bad or we're stuck with a drummer who has John Bonham hands/feet.


PEDALS -- VJr. loves pedals!!! Since it only has the one knob control, it is a pedal lovers dream machine. Here's my favorite VJr. trick..., roll the volume up to 3-4 o-clock where that EL84 is glowing red hot and crunchy then use your guitar vol and pedal vol./gain knobs to control volume and dial in overdrive and distortion to suit the song.


In your case, honestly I suggest that you tryout the VJr. and the Vox models before buying. VJr. is not "Vox voiced" at all (not without modding it). But if you want SE class A valve grease-and-grind then VJr. is likely your baby.


Hit every BLUE NOTE baaaaby..., I'm going to play on:-"

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I haven't done this for so long.

but it seems like it was 4 ohm into 8 ohm and 8 ohm into 16 ohm..


I'm scrolling back to try and find CGils explanation..



ps. it sounded great but I sold the combo a long time ago..

it seems like it was the 4ohm speaker in the combo.. and I have an 8ohm in my cab.. so.. the above seems right to me.

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