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have i the wrong pickup for the sound i want?


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Just wondered on your opinions but i just got a Gibson BFG and i play mainly classic rock like 80's stuff (Guns and roses ect) and this guitar came with a Burstbucker3.


Is this a too high output for the classic rock sound? my amp always seems a bit fizzy, well its hard to explain, not crunchy more fizzy. Are BB3's a high output?


I will only use my Gibson for classic rock so having the right pickps is needed.


I'll use my kramer for metal and van halen stuff. Thanks.


Will only need to change the bridge as the neck is a p90,


Im looking at the alnico pro2 by SD. Would that be a good match for the p90???

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Believe it or not i just found something that has made a massive improvement to my sound. I use to have my phaser and delay pedal running through my fx loop so i disconnected them and the whole sound of the amp changes. Even with a link in the send return of the fx loop the whole amp changes loads. when not using the loop the distortion becomes more full and a lot less fizzy and warmer. as soon as the link go's in the distortion becomes thinner and fizzier enough for me to notice.


Now i got the pedals in the front of the amp the phaser sounds ok even if it is noisy when on and the delay seems to be a lot louder but i can still control it easy enough. (Vary raerly use delay anyhow, normally for clean stuff)


I was so quick to blame the pickup which now sounds tons better. Only issue with the guitar is the p90 is a tad louder than the bb3 but not much i can do about that! The p90 is great on this guitar.


Also how high should the pole pieces be from the strings for optimal performance on a p90? ive lowered the bass side slightly as it can boom easily and it helped to balance it better. Also what are the std settings for the bridge as i always forget. Cheers.


When i get it setup when the strings need changinging i'll compare what you guys say to what my luither recommends

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