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I live in a bordering town just outside of Memphis, TN. and ever since seeing the Blue Burst ES-137, I have drooled over getting one. I finally placed an order with Martin Music for one ES-137 Custom with gold hardware. Yes, I could have ordered one through another guitar store or via the internet, but chose not to. Although I have to wait for this to come in, the manager at Martin Music told me the following:


Due to being so close to the Memphis factory, he will actually go there and personally pick out my guitar. This surprised me but, he states he does this all the time.

Every guitar that Martin Music sells gets a complete check out before it is handed over to the customer. If the setup is not spot on... they adjust accordingly... at no cost to the customer.


Granted, what I was told could have been nothing more than BS... but, I purchased a PRS 20th Anniversary Single-cut Goldtop from them before and the time spent with me as a customer and their overall attitude has made me a firm believer and I feel comfortable that they are being straight with me.


Bottom line, for those near a Martin Music store... if you haven't been there before, you might want to drop by and check them out.


Outside of the above, I have absolutely no affiliation with Martin Music stores.... I'm no more than a customer.

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