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Hey everyone.

I'm looking into picking up a Boss Loop Station this summer. I'm a little stuck between either the RC-2 (the compact one) or the RC-20xl (Which is the double pedal version). I'm a fan of the size of the small one (for my board), but I love the double pedal concept (as I have the DD-20 double pedal, and it is awesome!). Whichever I would get, I'll probably pick up at least the single (if not the double) external footswitch as well.


I was just curious what your experiences have been with these pedals, which you'd recommend, and what some of the differences are between them (aside from cost).


I know the RC-20 has a reverse mode, but I'm not so sure I need it, because the DD-20 has a reverse delay on there. Just adding that to the mix. Thanks a lot!

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I have the RC-20xl (the two pedal one).


I use it on my acoustic gigs so I can take solos.


It has a lot of features I don't use..... like the reverse, and storing loops, and microphone input etc...


I only use it to record a progression so I can take a solo. Then, at the end of the song, I erase it and move on to the next song.


It's cool cause you can do multiple layers if you want....... like in "Hotel California" I can do the harmonized guitar solo at the end.


I LOVE the thing!!!! And if it ever breaks.... I will immediately buy another one.


Of course, it would also be a great tool for practicing or songwriting...... and I eventually want to start using it for that also.

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