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In my infinite wisdom, I decided to upgrad the electronics again in my Joe Pass and now can't get it right, but wireing seems all proper and can't find a short.


Someone on the board long ago said they would do it. I have all the parts, wire etc...and will glady pay someone to do it....I'm going nuts with it....LOL!...its that or get a harness and my problem there is the archtop is thicker than an ES apearently as the pots are too short....




Know anyone? just wrote to everyone on EBAY that builds...no response yet.

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Actually, I had just had Twang wire up a complete wiring harness for my '96 Joe Pass. I got sidelined with repairing my Vette for the summer so have not gotten to installing it yet, but the wiring sure seems done well enough. Suggest you drop Twang a note on it..


As an aside, I got him to use the CTS mini pots on mine...

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