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Well, I just received my first order from a place called GuitarFetish.com (GFS). I needed some assorted parts for a few of my guitars and I also needed a new bridge for my Epi SG Special, one of saddles was seized on the original which prevented me from setting the intonation. Any way, I have heard good things about GFS (their pickups have been mentioned here and elsewhere) so I looked over their selection of stuff and found what I needed at really good prices. The parts arrived and I must say that I am very pleased!


The bridge is about 1.5 - 2 times as wide as the stock Epi bridge. It is also heavier. The extra width allows the intonation to be set easily without running out of saddle travel. A perfect fit on the Epi bridge posts even though new ones were included with the bridge.


I picked up a Squier that needed a trem arm and I wanted to replace a few of the pickguard screws that were gnarly and rusting. The new ones are a perfect fit. Also needed a tuning machine for an Ibanez bass. Again, a perfect fit and match for the tuners already there.


GFS...a great place with the right parts for imports and some domestic guitars and best prices I've found.

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