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Unintentional HNGD......... (non Epi)


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As I have said elsewhere I'm trying to sell some stuff to help with some bills.


No one seems to have cash, everyone wants to "trade"


Well he made an offer I couldn't refuse and now my fairly recently acquired Strat (from another trade) and my Peavey Vypyr 30 are gone (Sanpera II pedal was already sold for cash, yea.....).


In it's place I have a practically new Guild GAD-25 with a Fishman Rare Earth pickup installed (GAD's are Guilds foreign made line, think EPI :- ) with a beautiful tweed HS case, a Behringer V-Amp and a Marshall MG10 (ok the amps nothing to write home about but it works and it actually doesn't sound terrible, especially with the Wildkat)


It's the best sounding / playing acoustic I've ever had in my hands and I used to own a Martin that I loved. The only negative is the gloss finish, prefer satin, oh well it sounds so nice......(all mahogany)


So now I have to come up with a new game plan for selling gear because it'll be hard to let this go.


So if any more guitars get sold it'll probably be either my Sheraton or my "Kat" (Maybe, it will be a tuff decision!)


Will post a pic of mine soon (this pic's from the web)


It'll be fun even if it's short lived..................



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