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Hey fellas,


since I was unable to get my Valensi Riviera, I hopped on for guitar hunting today without even expecting to buy one..


And then I saw this cherry casino sittin' at the guitar shop with the rest of the epis and I just had to try it!


Korean piece (not sure which factory tho) that is mint, apparently the last batch of Korean model to be made, great construction and finish, lovely p90s!I was absolutely sold on it!


going to collect it tmr, so pictures soon!


my only gripe was that after awhile, I realised there was some tension on the strings, I was unable to vibrato comfortably without choking the note, but its not properly set up yet so perhaps its no much of a worry.. what do you guys think? perhaps a call for change in nut?

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10's are a bit "stiffer" than 9's for sure. But, it shouldn't take much effort to get used to them.

When you say you cannot do "vibrato" smoothly...are you fretting out, or just experiencing the

heavier tension, that heavier strings give you? If you're fretting out, you may need a set-up,

and/or just a Truss Rod adjusment? With the humidity levels in Singapore, I'd get used to

tweaking the Truss rod, now and then, if I were you. If you aren't comfortable now, in making

that adjustment, have a "luthier" or repair tech, teach you how. And, put some Silica gel, in

your case(s). Semi, and hollow body guitars are more "finicky" about humidity and temp

changes, than solid body guitars, generally. But, a little "common sense," and regular care,

will keep your instruments in great shape. Lovely Casino, by the way!




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I believe im still getting used to the .10s perhaps.. there is some tension on the G string when I bend it ah well..


I dont think i shall change to .09s; they lack feel on such guitars!


I am also very surprised with the stock pickups. It is also the reason why I chose this over the sheraton on display as well. Lots of clarity and punchiness! Only gripe is my amp is being a very uncooperative partner. I can't wait for my Vox AC4 to arrive! completes my 20th birthday :)/

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yup! haha, thing is my '83 ibanez strat's frets are pretty worn and it came with .10s and I couldn't even bend a single note, so I switched to .9s.. even then I had to wrestle with it abit.


Wonder if its a dangerous thing as I didnt get it set up to accomodate .9s.. it warps the neck, no?


I bought a fender strat 2 month ago on impulse before the casino and it was really bad. I don't know what struck me to get it. It was mexican HSS strat. I didn't even test it out properly! I came home and I was like, oh dear. haha

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Starting to get used to the .10s now.. :- i feel like one happy dog! haha.. the stock pickups are great! although the bridge pickup is a little weak compared to the neck!


the cleans are fantastic, and a little dirt takes me to some ACDC, Zep.


Now on to a good OD for this baby!

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