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Hi all,


So I want to get a new guitar. I'm a beginner; I have a crappy Yamaha (some

starter kit one) back home. I haven't been playing for just under 2 years since

I started graduate school. Now that I finally have some free time, I'd like to

get back to playing again. Shipping the Yamaha over would probably cost more

than the guitar itself ](*,)


I've checked out a couple of guitar stores, and tried out a bunch of guitars. I

really like the look and feel of the Explorers. What do you guys think of the

Epiphone Explorers? The one I tried was a Korina; the color is okay, but I'd

prefer a black one. Do the black ones also have a korina body, or do they have

a mahogany one? The guitar shop can place an order for the black one, but I

don't know how it's going to sound. I like thrashy stuff (Metallica, Megadeth,

etc...), but also some hard-rock style songs (newer Metallica songs, SOAD,


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Well ...


Guitar Center has the Goth 1958 Explorer, which owners seem to like fine ...




... but based on the music you like to play, you might want to save a little more and get the Prophecy Futura FX.




You get the same body style (way better finish) and MUCH hotter pickup's with the EMG. I own two of the Prophecy guitars and they are excellent! The regular Explorer is fine. I own the Korina Flying V and it's a good guitar ... but with what you would end up spending on distortion pedals and/or a pup upgrade to achieve your metal sound ... why not go for the killer?


Have fun!



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At the moment I myself am saving to acquire a black Explorer, and I too love the look and feel of the guitar. Luckily for me one of my local guitar shops have both colors and the Futura EX in stock, and the black/korina felt/played exactly the same. I only tried the black model through an amp but it still rocked the block.


As for the Futura, honestly I was disappointed. The finish looked absolutely horrible. Imagine the image on the epiphone website but with the contrast turned right down/saturation right up. It really put me off. I love EMGs but the super-narrow middle of the guitar feels really awkward to me.


My preference? The Explorer impressed me enough to shell out for the inflated New Zealand price, and the Futura certainly didn't. If you like the Explorer, then by all means go for it!

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