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Looking for a new guitar...

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So, as my graduation present, I've pretty much decided I want a new guitar. Right now my decision is more or less down to either the Limited Edition Riviera P93, a Sheraton II, or a Casino. I play mostly rhythm (rock, some blues...bit of everything really), so I'm looking at the semi/hollow sound. Which would you guys recommend and why?

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this is too funny, my graduation gift is between a riviera limited edition, casino, lucille, goldtop 56 or standard plus top.


I play similar stuff to you, and I am going with the lucille, most likely. It has more versatability, the varitone, and it is not prone to feedback if your music takes a more distorted side.


the casino would be most prone to feedback, and i think its only good for clean stuff, which i dont play much of.


the riviera is cool too, cos i am adding a bigsby probably when i get it and this has one already, but truly i prefer humbuckers and the varitone allows for single coil mix.


btw it would help to know your current gear.

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The best advice I can give, is to (if at all possible) go to a large guitar retailer

and play each of your possible choices until you find the exact tones you want.

If they don't have 1 of them, (most likely the Riviera) then grab a guitar with

similar wood & pickup configurations, (such as a Dean Palomino, or Casino for the Rivvie)


Listening to what we tell you, will never be as good as your own ear.

I'm very partial toward my Sheraton II, but, I "test drove" it, a Dot,Dot Deluxe,& Casino

as well as several other brands of semi-hollows,with various pickups

before making the purchase.

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