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TP-6 Tailpiece Installed


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I was debating about pulling the inserts or just hacking up the bridge hooks before installing this. I figured since I had the tools I'd do the job correctly.


Nothing to it really. A small sanding drum to enlarge the holes in the body just a bit. I think the difference in the diameter of the inserts measured only .032". That's only .016" around so I just carefully sanded until I thought they would fit.


I used a small mallet to pound them in until the last 1/2" or so and then used a wood block the rest of the way. The tailpiece slid right on the Gibson posts. So Epiphone has the correct spacing, they just use a smaller insert and a larger post. Go figure. You'd think even if they are of forgeign manufacture that they would use the same spec as Gibson.


The sustain seems to have increased some and the 'cool' factor definitely went up a notch or two, but the convenience of just slightly changing the pitch without grabbing a knob is great.


The camera lens at wide-angle setting seems to distort the way the string hit the bridge, but they're straight.

The second photo shows it a little better.






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Great job! I put the TP-6 on an old 335 of mine and, more recently, on my Dot. It's great for those of us with fussy ears--it makes precise tuning a piece of cake.


In addition, using the TP-6 actually speeds up tuning. When you tune at the peghead, you put stress on the guitar neck, changing the pitch of the strings. So the correct way to tune at the peghead is to tune, release, pluck to test the pitch, and repeat until the string is in tune. With the TP-6, since you are not touching the peghead or neck, you just pluck and adjust the fine-tuning screw until the note is dead-on. Sooooo simple! Cheers.

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I'm not a big fan of a burst finish though they are very nice. I like solid colors better. I had a black no-name LP years ago and thought I'd try it white. I really like it.


I do like the silverburst on this guitar. If I were to buy one with a burst finish, that would be it.

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