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Calling Duane V and other ET-275 owners


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Hi Duane


I posted a while ago regarding the missing pick ups in an ET-275 - you were hoping to have some info for me - I have been away for a while so was just giving you a call


The owner of the guitar I have been bringing back to life says he would like to have pickups of the same "vintage" - I know it's only a '71 but I think he means the same type of pick up - does anyone know what spec they would have been or know what spec their original 275s are


Note: I am not bypassing Duane on this it's just that someone may already know without having to test, remove parts etc


Many thanks


Jon B

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Do you mean you want guitars pickups of that era or just that type? If of that era then a 70s Aria is your best bet but you're probably best off just going for new ones that fit and sound good. I sold my ET-278 because the humbuckers sounded dead. I know duane's sound great but I didn't have the time/effort/money to get mine sounding good or replacing them so i sold it for twice what i bought it for.

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Thanks for your reply


I have heard that the original PUs were not too good on sound and output - I'm not that hot on the right terms but what sort of resonant peak am I looking for in a replacement - I would think they were fairly low about 7.5k ish?


The owner doesn't have a very heavy sound so I am looking for the right pairing for a bridge & neck set and to keep it close to the original vibe of the guitar


Oh yeah...and cost may play a part in it as well!





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