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Heads Up on New Epiphone Alleykat's!!!!


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This is not spam but a personal purchase experience....trying to do you Kat fans around here a favor since this model was discontinued back around Sept. of '08. I'll make it easy for you, here's the details.


I just found out SamAsh.com still has about 36 Alleykats for sale. Brand new, 45 day return policy, priced at $358 if you buy the $96 matching hardshell case, plus free shipping. Their warehouse is in Tampa, FL..they are only available from the website though. They have/had about 18 in each finish: Trans Black & Cherry Burst. Both are flame tops. My sales guy was Kyle at Ext. 2232. Their number is 1-800-472-6274. (I know this sounds like a huge plug but I am just an excited customer.)


I have a black one that should be here (Tallahassee) in a day or two, I will post pics!! I will also be curious to see if they are MIC or MIK and will be a/b'ing against my Ibanez Artstar AS80 335 copy (MIK). One of these will be staying, one of them will be sold.


Here's a link and pics:







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Nice looking guitar. Does it come in dark cherry?


I know how excited you are. I'm that way right now, and will be for the next two months until I get my new guitar.


Somehow it just seems naked without a pick guard. But I have to have a pickguard. I hate the thought of scratching a guitar.


I'll be fingerpicking my new one. It doesn't come with one either.

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I guess you could put on a pickguard...might have to have one custom made to fit around the mini and bridge hummer.

A Gretsch style silver guard would look sweet on the black. Hopefully mine won't be too greyish or flamey. I like a dark, deeper/richer looking black finish.

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Take a (wide) magic marker, make a mark on a clean white sheet of paper, and that is about what

your Alleykat's black finish will look like, mabye a bit lighter(?), but...it has a slight purple-ish tinge to it,

much like you see reflected from the Magic Marker ink. So, if you don't mind that, you should really enjoy

it. Nice pickup combo, with the '57, in the bridge, and the mini, at the neck.




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Well, didn't have time to take and post pics. I was busy re-stringing and setting her up for tonight's rehearsal.


My main issue with it right now though is that, like has been mentioned, it is neck heavy. Tilts neckward. If I keep it, gonna have to install some lighter tuners and a Bigsby to balance it out.

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