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Finally order new guitar

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Managed to over come the website technical problem,


Odered the new instrument via that old fashioned thing that goes ring, ring - It was horrible I had to speak to another person- (lol)


I went for the midnight ebony ultra 2 with nano mag. Hope fully I can do some form of acoustic type noise as well as the rock stuff.


Should be here in a week, then maybe I can get me a more suitable avtar for the epiphone forum/website then . Although the car does sound pretty nice reving up to 16,000 rpm.


Oh and who is the stig on here? I challenge you to a race - maybe were not thinking of the stig! -

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You're gonna like the Ultra 2 Karl. Congrats!!

You might want to get yourself an A-B switch.

One that has either A or B, or A+B.

Use 2 cords from the guitar to the switch, and 1 cord from the switch to the amp.

Makes switching and mixing the sounds so much easier.

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Had a quick look at a b switches, with two leads coming out of the ulta, the a lead can be cut off or the b.


I'm sure I saw some guy use both outputs on the ultra at once? Is that what you meant by an a+b lead?


a, or b, or a and b at the same time (is this the=the same as an aby pedal)

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