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I was wondering whether it is better to get a looper pedal or overdrive and wah and other pedals such as that? so looper or those pedals?
Depends on if you want "effects" or the ability to loop:-" I have both..... great fun !!! It's up to personal preference...... I use the pedals a lot more than the looper, but it's all fun.
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looper pedal


no eye deer - never used one




Oh you could start a whole thread just on overdrive pedals (in fact I think there's at least one buried somewhere on this forum . . . ). My vote is Ibanez Tube Screamer' date=' but it depends on your needs. The TS9 doesn't give a ton of fuzz, just a little. I know some bluesy guitar players that swear by Boss OD-1 . . . then there's the metal headz - totally different needs for each group.




As far as I'm concerned there are 3 schools of wah:


1. Morley - great for leads but not very "funky" for rhythm. This sounds good if you play Steve Vai kinda stuff


2. Crybaby - awesome funk wah for rhythms but IMO not very good for leads


3. Vox - my favorite, hits somewhere in the middle and very classic sound. Doesn't 'squash' the sound like the crybaby does, sounds good on rhythms unlike the Morley. Nice bright sound. Love it and recommend it highly.

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I was wondering whether it is better to get a looper pedal or overdrive and wah and other pedals such as that? so looper or those pedals?


Don't know your level of playing...actually it really don't matter. IMO you'll get more use out of the looper than them others. Definitely much more than a wah-wah. Can almost guarantee that after a couple of months you probably wont even kick it on...or once the newness wears off. Nice effect for sure , but just not one you'd be using all the time...unless you play a bunch of Los Lonely Boys.


Anyhow I wish they had them loopers when I first started playing. Then again it also depends on whether you ever plan on playing with others or not. For myself I'd much rather emphasize on improving my playing. IMO again, but a looper will definitely help with that, along with also speeding up the process at the same time.

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A loop pedal is a great tool for practice. I have a Boss RC-2, and think it is very useful for practice (but too fiddly to use on stage).




See: http://www.guitarcenter.com/Boss-RC-2-Loop-Station-Effect-Pedal-103999546-i1169245.gc



It's an usual question to see however, ("should I buy a loop pedal or effects pedals?")...


Assuming you own a PC, it might be a good idea (and much cheaper too,) to go with a POD Studio ($99)




See: http://www.guitarcenter.com/Line-6-POD-Studio-GX-with-POD-Farm-105148589-i1427099.gc


These come with POD Farm software, including plenty of overdrive pedals simulators etc. By using Audacity (which is free!) http://audacity.sourceforge.net/ you can also create your own loops.

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