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Anyone own a guitar with a Burstbucker 3? Alnico pro2?


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I have a BB3 in my gibson BFG and it sounds so different through both my amps. Through my hybrid laney it sound really good for rock music mayby slightly hot for 80's rock but still good but through my Epi VJ it sounds really shrill and trebley. Now i can adjust the treble on the laney and its normally on about 4 and mids on 3 and bass on 6 and sounds pretty balanced when distorted.

The BB3 in the bridge on clean settings is horrible on both amps way to bright and thin, basically just treble.

Now i brought this guitar for a few reasons, one the feel of it was lovely to touch and felt comfortable to hold and play. Loved the look of it! Loved the price. Loved the pickup configaration too and loved the P90 sound.


Now im on the fence about the BB3 pickup. I am an 80s classic rocker so im more for the guns and roses sound ect which points me to the direction of the SD alnico pro2 (Slash pickups). I have a kramer guitar with quad rail pickups which do any of the heavier stuff fine so im thinking why have this BB3 when i dont need all this power in this guitar.

How do you rate your BB3?????


So im gonna wait till i get my new tiny terror amp first to see how this pickup fairs with this amp but if i still come to the same conclusion then i'll prob swap the BB3 for the SD Alnico pro2.

One thing tho, will the SD pickup sound good in this guitar? Chambered gibson les paul with very light finish. Im thinking yes? how about you?

Also will this pickup be a good match against the P90 volume wise? i find the P90 slightly louder than the BB3 but not to much.


Cheers guys.


Oh yeah one more thing anyone know the output of the BB3 and the SD alnico pro2?

How do you rate your Alnico pro2?


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Sounds to me like your BB3 isn't working right. If the pup heights are set right the P90 at the neck position shouldn't be noticeably louder than the BB3. The BB3 is sufficiently "hotter" than a P90 to be a good balance in those positions.


Have you got access to a meter to check the output of the BB3? Should be in the 12-13.5k region. If it isn't, it could be :


1. A faulty component somewhere in the circuit

2. A wiring fault


If you have a wiring fault inside the BB3 you may only be getting the output from one coil. That would explain why the tone is thin and the output is down. If that's the case it may be repairable but I wouldn't try to do it yourself, the wiring is very delicate and you could do more damage.

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The BB3 sounds great distorted for full fat power chords but sounds real shrill on clean and amp is set the same eq. The volume diff is noticable but not to much between the two pickups similar to a single and humbuckler. Ive lowered the treble side to help and lowered the treble on the eq too. Id have to unsolder to check the resistance properly wont i?


Thin was prob the wrong word, very treblely no matter what. Like i say good for powerchords as loads of bass and treble with low mids and good for solo's but on clean if you strum a open d its horrible really shrill sounding.

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You don't need to unsolder to check' date=' you can put a lead in your guitar, select the pup, and connect the meter to the tip and body of the jack plug on the other end of the lead. I think. Anybody else know if that gives you an accurate enough reading? [/quote']


Spot on for the purpose intended

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