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Got a new epi les paul standard, but the tuning is like ****. At it's best it stays tuned around 30 minutes. The tuners are giving a clicking sound all the time. I was wondering what sort of new tuners i should buy, and what sort of a new nut for the guitar. I really want my tuners to be like "Gibson looking" so i was wondering if Gotoh is a good alternative ?

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Actually ' date=' i brought the guitar back to the store and the store owner filed the nut,after that i put some graphite there,but it's still like before :( Is it something i do wrong ?[/quote']

No it's not you obviously.

If it were me that guitar would be exchanged for another

given you have the receipt and time left to make the swap.

It's just unacceptable.

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I got a couple of wraps, i stretched the string to the tuning post above then cut the rest off, if you know what i mean because i really suck at explaining things. But i dont know if they are stacked above each other now when you mentioned it! But probably they aren't :(

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If the strings are overlapping on the turns, they are still probably trying to seat themselves against one another and you are hearing them slip as you try and tune.


Next set, try this: Attach the string at the bridge as you normally would, then take the other end and without threading it into the post hole, make three tight wraps one on top of the other and hold it securely.


Use your other hand to thread the end of the string into the peg hole and start tightening. After tightening, snip of the end of the string at the peg hole.


You may only get two wraps on the two lower bass strings, but that's enough for them.


Stretch like you normally would and keep retuning until they all are stretched and seated.

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I had the same problem when I bought my LP. That thing refused to stay in tune. Best thing I ever did was replace the nut and the tuning machines. I know I made the right decision since my tuning troubles have completely disappeared. I check the tuning every time I pick up the guitar and from day to day there may be slight adustments here and there, but nothing like I used to have. I used to have to retune after every song. Best thing I ever did for that LP!


The "machines" I took off that guitar were junk.......................no two ways about it. They even rattled if you shok them. I replaced them with Gotoh's. You could feel the diference right away. Now that they are installed they are pretty stiff and stay put.


Bone is a good choice for nut material.


The take that thing to your luthier and have him dress those frets making sure they are flat from the first fret to the last. Then have them set up the action to your liking. I had my 1st fret filed down and the action is awesome. I've had several folks that normally turn their noses up at Epiphones comment quite favorably on how my guitar plays.

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Oh damn it >< The time for being able to switch it for a new went out 2 days ago!! The music business in sweden really sucks.... Whats plan B for me ?

2 days ago?

And you were there how long ago getting the shop owner to help remedy it and it still wasn't fixed?

Plan B= Raise a Little Hell and get your new guitar.

If you've been there and tried to have it fixed just try to talk to the owner with utmost respect and ..

being nice always helps.

Hope the guy isn't a prick, but it's at least worth a shot

if you're unhappy with the performance of your guitar/

Plan C= contact Epiphone/Gibson to see what they might be able to do about fixing the tuning problem.

Some Epiphones are problematic in tuning. My G-400 Custom was one. had to replace everything but the frets......

My LP on the other hand has the tightest Grovers ever made. Like they should be.

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