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Les Paul upgrade

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I've decided (finally) to upgrade my zakk wylde Les Paul. I've decided to upgrade the pickups to the Seymour Duncan JB bridge and Jazz neck.


But, my real question is, I want to upgrade the pots, caps and the switch, but i don't really know anything about them (like what size I need, what brand etc.). I been looking into the push/pull pot thing when I upgrade my pickups (I'm not sure if I'd really use the feature, but who knows, it could be useful), does that mean I need a different kinds of pots? Is it easy enough to install these things myself?


Links to places I could buy them would be really useful! (Just a note, I live in Australia...don't know if that changes anything, but just thought you should know just in case)



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I've heard those pickups are a good combination in an LP.


You need short shaft 500K Ohm audio taper pots. If you want to coil tap or wire other configuations you need one of those pots to be a push-pull switch type potentiometer.


SD's come with several different wiring diagrams and you can find more on their site for what you want to do.


Use a Switchcraft short shaft switch for the three-way and the same for the jack.


If you can solder, you can do the job.


Look here:









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Thanks for the info!


Just one question though...with the coil tapping, you said I only needed one of the pots to be push/pull?? Sorry, I've never used coil tapping before so I'm not quite sure how it works...I just know it's advantages


Also, can you still use a push/pull pot before you actually have coil tapping? I'm planning to upgrade all the pots and stuff before I upgrade the pickups


Oh yea, I'm still not sure what caps to get :S (sorry, pretty new to these kinds of upgrades...)



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You can use a .22mf up to .47mf. I think the higher value will roll off more treble, but I'd have to check that to be sure.


There is also a mod floating around where using another cap across two pot points will maintain the treble as you roll off the volume. You'd have to search for this mod, I don't know where I read about it off the top of my head.


You use the switch to split the coil. One side gets turned off and the other side acts as a single-coil as on a Strat or Tele. You can install the switch/pot without using the switch part. It will still control volume or tone as normal. If you install two you can split both the bridge and the neck pickup and use the three way to use both as single coils or individually.


Check out the wiring diagrams at the SD site. Good info there.

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