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Just cant beat a V for the Blues


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Changed the strings on my 1998 Korina "58" last nite and immediately the blues licks just came pouring out,,Just something about a V that just makes Blues happen .Hey Midi man,,hows yours doin???






MY Noisemakers:

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Epiphone 2003 Korina G-400 Sg

Epiphone 1998 Korina Explorer

Epiphone 1998 Korina Flying V

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Ibanez 1976 Stratocaster

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Hey, "Lightnin' Boy" ... those were some fine blues! Thanks for the dedication and the great playing. I'm having fun with mine ... still in the "getting aquainted" phase, but really enjoying the new experience of playing on a guitar I'd never really even tried before.


It does sing, doesn't it? Thanks again, buddy!



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