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DiMarzio Virtual P90 Pickups


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My Epi '56 Gold Top Les Paul came stock with "Rainbow" brand P90 pickups, which are an Asian-produced line of Kent Armstrongs. They sound great and have a real "growl" to them. I have just decided to replace them, however, due to the unnerving buzz and hum from floodlights above the stage that are on a rheostat (dimmer). I have ordered a pair of DiMarzio Virtual P90's (DP169). The pups have ceramic magnets, 4 conductors, 16.77k ohms dc resistance and an output of 385mv.


I put DiMarzio Virtual Vintage single coils in a MIJ Strat I had a few years ago and was blown away by the improvement in sound and performance over the stock pups. =D>


Has anyone used DiMarzio Virtual P90 pickups? If so, tell us what you think. =D>

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I got my '56 Gold Top back the other day, with 2 DiMarzio Virtual P-90's and treble-bleed caps. Mmmm...mmmm...mmmm!!!! :D I currently have a small problem, however. These are very clear, powerful pickups, but the neck pup is a little too boomy and the bridge pup is a little too bright. I decided to tweak the pole and height adjustment screws and lower each pup a little bit to get a more balanced and "airy/woody" sound. When lowering the neck pup, the volume of the neck pup suddenly dropped to a whisper. I checked the volume and tone controls - everything was maxed. I lifted out the neck pup and the 3-position pup selector switch - all wires appeared to be connected - the middle and bridge positions were loud and clear, but the neck position was on, but barely.


Is it possible that I shorted out a wire when lowering the neck pup? Could the "Epiphone" brand 3-position switch be shorting out or dirty?


I plan to take it back to my tech to have it repaired, but I thought that I would put this out to all of our experts first to see if anyone else has had this problem or has any ideas.





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