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Dimarzio vs Seymour Duncan

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...Either way you went would be a good setup. It's a tricky endevour and a real personal choice. You could punch up the combinations on utube, And not knowing what other FX/Amp are involved unless they're shootin' straight about it, Get a pretty good idea. Or go directly to Dimarzio and Duncan sites to see what they're showing vid wise.

I went with the d' activators, Basically because that's what I personally was looking for ya know. Just some food for thought... I thought I was looking at dropping in some Gibson 490r and 498t pups in an little ol' SG I picked up. Read a ton of reviews pro and quite a few con. Read where the two were a match made in heaven... Then I ran on some reviews that state the 490r is a weak link and as well the 498t was too hot. Now I'm wondering what direction to go... I guess the moral to the story is, You be your own judge ya know. We all have opinion holez...

Good luck tho and you're sure on the right track.

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Torn between two setups for my les paul:


SD JB bridge with SD jazz neck




Dimarzio Tone Zone bridge with Dimarzio PAF pro neck



What kind of sound would each of these setups give??

Which would you prefer?

Dimarzio Tone Zone bridge with Dimarzio PAF pro neck

Nice thick meaty tone!

Does great slabs of wood justice.

The Tone Zone definitely kicks in where pickups like the Super Distortion lack in bottom end.



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