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Which one you choose Between 2 solid body Electric guitar

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just out of curiousity ... i begin to googling SG vs Strat.. and obviously it just like never another ending battles between two goliath guitar manufacturer, it has pro and con.. basically i call it even in broad assumption


now i try to narrow it down, and see what you guy say about it..




GIBSON SG STANDARD ( 2 humb's = 490R + 498T, TOM bridges, SET NECK JOINT, mahogany body and neck with rosewood fingerboard )


Strat deluxe HSS ( 2 single coil ~ middle + Neck, 1 humbs ~ bridge, S -1 Switch ~ to make Humbucker sound with joining 2 single coil sort of stuff, Alder body, maple neck and fingerboard and BOLT ON Joint)


Which one you choose and why? but please dont judge by the price.. thanks!

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I wouldn't "choose" between the two. They're quite different sounding guitars. I'd get both...eventually.

Which one I might get FIRST, would depend on what I played the most, musically...and, maybe which tone I

preferred for that. But, everyone needs a "Strat," and an SG...IMHO. LOL! The Strat is (probably) the more

versatile, of the two, tone wise. But, again...that may depend on your preferences? Also, because they're

different scale lengths, some prefer one over the other, for that alone. Long, warmer sustain...SG. Cooler,

more biting, and/or "twang"...Strat! With the 5 way switch, the inbetween tones, available on the Strat,

may be a factor, too. Both have good upper fret access, with the SG coming out on top, a bit more, that way.


Good luck...


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Well, Elleon mentioned, originally, a "Gibson SG"...so, if both SG and Strat are USA made,

I don't think "build quality" is much of an issue, aside from the obvious natural differences

in their construction and materials. Having said that, I DO think it's important to play as

many of each, as possible, because they can vary, quite a bit, in wood tone, and feel.

Some, can be rather "dead" sounding/feeling (unplugged), and others seem to "come alive,"

in one's hands. The "Lively" ones, are the ones you want...IMHO.



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The lighter weight and shorter scale length of the SG are big advantages to me, but I had a Strat a long time ago and kinda miss it for the additional options...those in-between pickup selections #2 and #4 are nice to have as I remember.

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I don't mean to be rude...but...


What is the point in questions such as this one?


Stratocaster vs Telecaster?...yes, you could debate that question...


SG vs Les Paul?...that one can be debated (and has been debated at this forum)...the answer is SG by the way [-o<


I know we sometimes have threads which Charlie Brown astutely calls "chasing your tail" type threads...and I'm quite culpable in that regard (e.g. my "Hendrix" thread in the Lounge)...


But SG vs Strat?


Well, they're both electric guitars...


And cats and dogs are both mammals.

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Ahhh ... the guy's just looking for some opinions ... not the meaning of life! Take a look ... he already owns a tele and an Epi Les Paul (the one you just refinished so beautifully, Ellion?) and I imagine he's looking to expand his tonal palette.


I'd say go for the Gibby SG first, simply because the Strat will sound closer to the Tele that the SG will sound to anything else you own at the moment. CB is right ... eventually you'll be "Strating" too but if you have to add them one at a time, variety is the best way to base your decision.



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Play both (each) as extensively as possible..............and if at all possible have a

"side by side" comparisson for tone, and which one "feels" better to you.


Then buy the 1 YOU like better...............because every one of us on this forum could

tell you to get one of the 2.........but maybe the other is better suited to your hand size,

playing style, and sound preference.

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Depending on the music genre, I like the Strat for more vesatility, as Charlie Brown said, especially the one with the humbucker bridge pickup. The SG is a great guitar but has less sound variance than the Strat. Everyone needs both to cover all types of music.


I think I'd buy the Mexican Strat and the Chinese SG, especially if money is a factor. Otherwise, the USA SG as jcwillow said if money isn't a problem. It will retain value better than the Chinese model.


The SG is a great feeling guitar with its wider fingerboard. I really miss the one I traded in on my Strat, although I wouldn't trade back at this point.

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Gibson Standard SG - no question. MF has them on sale now for $1199. Jump on it before the prices go back up.


The Faded SG's are going for $699 right now, and the user reviews are quite good. I'd like the cherry one.

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@ CB : but CB, if you got to choose between those 2.. which one you chose..? I need you opinion on that.. and why? Hehehe im sorry if I have to much question.. I just had much curiousity with guitars LOL


And you’re right too.. all im asking is Gibson and fender US MADE ONLY and im not thinking about the money either cause money is something you can make but which one is suited for us is differ one another, right CB?






@ Midiman: well.. you got me Midiman hahahahaha… you got some great suggestion too.. logic and eficien.. SG then one day hopefully! a Strat!… Amien…and you were right, I need opinion.. because I see this 2 guitar just “faces in a coin”

both are solid ~”the coin”~ but 1 is the head and the other is the tail.. now I just want to know what makes them different or special ??? moreover I trust this forum for their better judgement and their fair opinion..


@ Ron G : nice to meet you Ron, SG Standard MSRP $ 1,998 right? Sooooo~~~

In my rough calculation 1 USD = Rp 10.000,-

1.998 x 10.000 =Rp 19,980,000,- A LOT EI!!!!!!! YES IT DOES! but the street price would be cut of 10% from MSRP.. 19,980,000 x 10% = 1,980,000

19,980.000 – 1,980,000 = 18,000,000


Strat are much the same but MUCH CHEAPER.. I got 12,000,000 for the street price for Strat Deluxe US made..


@ Lord Summerisle: well~ c’mon lord summerisle…! Chill a bit.. I’d to say that there is a lot of comparison that has been made so far and just like CB says that we are getting really bored with stuff like “which one better epi MIC or MIK” or “ which one is better fender or Gibson” but that would be so dead boring to bring up that in this forum.. so I just think whatabout this two mammals you say.. if you say there are solid body gitar, whatabout LP and Tele? They all solid right? but they are different just like the other right? That’s my point.. I make this thread because I want to see what you think, what ppl in these forum think about their guitar they choose..


@svet : LOL if I can buy those two, why would I throw the question in this forum in the first place? LOL but one day I will ( finger crossing and praying faithfully LOL)

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Both great guitars, although personally I prefer SSS Strats. Hmm. Personally I'd go for the SG before the Strat but I have a huge predilection for SGs. However, if you already have a Tele and a Les Paul, perhaps the Strat would be the wiser choice; an SG will sound a lot closer to your Les Paul than the Strat will sound like a Tele.

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