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A bit about me.


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Yep. It was a trip down memory lane I hadn't planned on taking. Sometimes we need to take a bit of a detour in our lives.


The first thing I noticed about the pic is it was me, then it was an Epiphone.... then the memories came flooding back.


Also found in one of my later year books had been 'autographed' by a recently ex'ed girl friend. We were miles a part in our lives. She had another couple years to go in HS. I was headed to college and just needed to make a clean break. 30 years ago when I saw she'd written a note, I ignored it thinking she'd get all sappy, and I really didn't want to go there. This is, quite honestly, the first I'd read it. BOY DID SHE LET ME HAVE IT! One back handed compliment after another. Mentioned some 'gift'.... I honestly didn't know what she meant. Boy I hope she's over it.... if not... I hope she doesn't find where I live. :D

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