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ultra 2


A little bit concerned, Seems a bit buzz on the low e string - hope the nut is not cut to low. will have to take it to some one who knows what they are talking about. Is hard to get a note on three of the strings with out a bit of buzz- still sounds nice through the amp.

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Congrats, and oh by the way, pics or it didn't happen.


I wouldn't worry too much about the string buzz, it sounds like it just needs a set up. I like my action really low and sometimes I get string buzz. It doesn't bother me as long as it doesn't come through the amp.

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The pic is my avtar - The avtar was my race car before - I know the picture is a bit pants- Guitar only turned up a few hours ago-


Got to go have a play


- see what noises it can make, by the way am very impressed with how this ultra 2 sounds through my little vox amp,


I was impressed with a standard indie through this vox- which I belive is a bit higher spec than a standard epi- (a bit more expensive too) That indie was very clear but almost strat sounding?? The standard epi did not float my boat.


The gibson I heard sounded great, but I seriously think this ultra 2 epi has a better varierty of sound with the nano mag, maybe not the same depth of tone in certain areas as Gibson, but It can sound very different too.


Just got to try and figue out how to use all the settings, so many variations.


Not so keen on this ultra 2 midnight ebony finish (the picture looked more of a quilted look) the guitar looks a bit zebra, it is growing on me though- but the sound range is great. To me any way.

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Congratulations on the new Ultra ll. I've had mine over three months now and still love it. The action was very good as delivered, the satin neck will become slicker as you play but will still be faster than poly. The corners of the nut on mine were very sharp so I carefully filed them down a little to make it more comfortable to play. The nut is not hard plastic like my dot but some kind of softer bone-like material or maybe resin infused plastic so go easy if you decide to smooth the corners.


I will give you my thoughts on using the Nanomag. First, I don't think of it as being an acoustic pup but rather a single coil that is much more Strat like than a P-90. I think it sounds rather shrill or tinny by itself and needs to be blended with the HBs. I think it sounds most like a Strat when blended with the neck HB. As for the Nanomag controls, I don't know why they put a gain control on an "acoustic" pup but I think having the gain more than halfway up makes the pup sound shrill. Problem is there really is no volume control for the Nano so if you turn the gain too far down you will lose your volume. The Nano "volume" knob on the front is really a continuous toggle between the Nano and HBs, but not exactly because if you turn all the way clockwise toward the Nano, you will still be getting the HBs as you have probably figured out. If you go counter clockwise you get the HBs but not the Nano. It sounds a little weird but I like it because as I said I don't like the Nano by itself anyway. When I want a Strat sound I turn the front "volume" knob all the way clockwise to the Nano then balance the HBs in with their volume controls, usually neck-8 and bridge-6. So the Nano gain is about 1/2, the bass dimed and the treble about 2/3. In Strat mode one does not have the power of an LP so I have to turn the amp up when I use the Nano/HB combination.


You'll have fun figuring all this out for yourself but I thought this might speed the process up a little. Let us know if you have some different ideas.

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My Ulta 2 needed to be set up before I would committ to buying it. The action was terrible.

The store set it up and it was good enough to convince me to buy it.

After I got it home and played it for a while, I did my own setup. The factory specs are a little high

for my liking.

I play mine all the time now, and I love it for the range of sounds and the great playability.


Enjoy your guitar. The midnight ebony is beautiful.

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