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Gibson van rolled in today....Carrying Nothing But Epiphones!!!!

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Went to check out the big deal that Gibson put on the road,

well today at Sam Ash in Charlotte, NC I got to see it first-hand.

Past the walk-up and the faded V they had there, past the sitting and kitchen area, were a wall of Epiphone amplifiers, on the wall across from that were some Epihone Dots along a wall of Line 6 PODs, in the back they had an Epiphone LP on the wall and the big guy back there says' If ya wanna try anything just ask'. OK. I said.

Well, that was that.

No special collection of guitars and I surely didn't get to see anything new.

Nice van though.

It seems they are Pro-Epiphone for the roadshow.

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Huh ... when they came to Vegas, there was a BIG Epiphone presence on the bus, but there were some Gibby's as well. I had a lot of fun that day. I wonder if there is just the one bus or if they have several to cover the entire country.


I do agree that there were NO new models present. No Aparitions or Zakk Wylde thingys anywhere to be seen. The Gibson rep I spent time with was wonderful and cordial to me.



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