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And y'all thought you were tough


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Absolutely rank. The guy on the les paul forums who made his bass into an 8 string was a true genius and there are some people out there who have made some amazing conversions, even remaking the headstock etc. This is just really bad... But if it sounds good and plays well... as long as he's happy!

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Not that I would ever try it, but if it were me, I would have reworked the entire headstock to hold six mini-turners on a side without all of the strange angles to mount them.


I guess it's functional, but looks absolutely gastly.

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Yep. Especially considering that with today's digital technology, it's not as if you have to tolerate a blurry photograph anymore since (a) you can tell right away if the photo's blurred and (B) it's not as if you're wasting film or anything. Sheeeee... [-(

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What an interesting debate! I'm pleased my 'conversion' has generated so much passion! I'll try to answer the criticisms one by one.

1. Yes - it looks 'rank' - one of my daughters said I was a guitar Frankenstein, and had created a monster - she is an artist and preferred the guitar the way it was.

2. Sorry about the quality of the photos - I suspect the camera was set to close-up. I will take more and post them on the website.

3. I admit to doing 2 things that made the headstock especially ugly:- I bought the cheapest machine-heads I could find, and I wanted to do the least re-work possible.

4. The tuners next to the neck don't cause any problems at all - this may depend on your playing style of course, and I never use a capo on an electric.

5. To say that it's a kludge is a compliment - it is the shortest/cheapest route possible to acheiving the results that I wanted.

6. I disagree that it's a heap of sh*t - that would just smell, as well as look bad.

7. The girl in the wedding dress is my eldest daughter - the 'scary' one on the wall is my second-eldest daughter - not my wife!!

8. Yes I'm 'out of control' and felt the 'need' for a 12-string pretty badly. Those of you reading the article will know that because of large hands, I find a 'normal' 12-string impossible to play. But despite being out of control, the changes I have made are reversible - with only holes in the headstock to fill to revert the guitar back to normal. Almost any other method chosen would not have been reversible. As it is, this Epi is so well built it made a great candidate for conversion.

8. The 'courses' close together? I presume you are referring to the string pairs - the proof of the pudding, as they say, is always in the eating, and I find the guitar easy to play.

9. As far as 'wasting' the les paul - this guitar spent a long time remaining unplayed because I have a 'real' Les Paul which naturally I use the most - Now I have a 12-string electric that gets played as well - surely just that fact is enough reason?

In summary, I accept all of the criticisms regarding how the guitar looks - and of course the job could be done more professionally. Even though it looks like I just hacked the whole thing - I didn't. Each step was carefully planned and carried out - the most important criteria is that the guitar remained viable, and the steps reversible at every point.

Finally, the guitar sounds fantastic, and since completion I've been playing all the stuff that really can't be done on an ordinary 6-string. It goes without saying that I would never, ever carry out such dramatic surgery on any of the other instruments I have - they are too beautiful to touch. This is different - it was - and still is a cheaply-made copy made in the porridge mines of inner Korea.

Warm Regards to everyone, and good luck with any conversions you might attempt.




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Guest icantbuyafender

dear god...


I thought this was the reason double necked guitars and 12 string guitars were made.


Im not gonna knock it, although i will admit I wouldn't give it an A for effort.


I just dont know how I feel about this... to each his own I suppose......

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I hate to repeat myself - but here goes - I can't play 'standard' 12-string guitars becuase of my finger size! the epi les paul feathured allowed me to place the stings myself = in the best playing position for me.

Regards from Joe.

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Nobody said your daughters were scary!! Just that she looked mad at you. This must really mean she was going for a sultry pose. I'd quite happily escort them both on an evening out!


As long as you're happy with the guitar. of course, that is what matters. My main concern would be the eventual tension on the neck that could have some long lasting effects on its ability to stay straight.


We as members on a guitar forum are naturally going to express our opinions on its structural and aesthetic issues and welcome your membership here and hope you'll continue to contribute!


Welcome, Clark.

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