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How do you turn on that preamp on PR5-E ?!!


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Sorry for that stupid question, I have an electro-acoustic guitar (looks like the PR5-E - black) but I can't make it work on the amplifier.


The cable is ok (works with another guitar), I tried with 3 different batteries, no sound. There is a small light "ON", should it be working when I put the battery ? Because actually it's not, it is desperately dark !

Is there a switch to turn on somewhere ?

And what is the small push button "BC" next to that light ???? Is it to check the battery ?


Thanks for your answers !


For your information, here is my guitar (well it looks like that) :



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I have an ibanez talman 50 and the switch is in the jack plug...when you plug it in it turns on the pre amp.

maybe what you have there....there should be a page/manual on line for your guitar...just do a manual search for that model and you should find it.


ps....btw those switches go out pretty regular...mine has and for now I am just playing it acoustic...thinking of getting rid of it anyway.

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I have a 20 year old Epi Orville that had the same problem. It has an Shadow brand OEM preamp, and it had some battery contact spring corrosion and loose wiring which I fixed, but more importantly a bad op-amp (chip) which was beyond my ability to troubleshoot. I looked at a current replacement preamp, but they were almost as much as paid for the guitar. I couldn't get any response from Shadow about a repairs or schematics, so I had a buddy (a board level tech) repair it, and it works now. But it was a real pain to take apart and reassemble, you have to take all the strings off an be super careful not to scratch the guitar when you're pulling things in and out. Hopefully it's just corrosion in the battery compartment or a loose battery wire. If you're halfway handy with a soldering iron and multimeter, it's no big deal. Otherwise you need to take it to a tech.



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