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Is this Riviera a Fake?


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Ha ha, just kidding.


My MF order arrived today, and it's a surprisingly nice guitar for $424. The case also came (sep box) and it fits the Riviera perfectly, Bigsby and all. I was pleasantly suprised that the case was as nice as it is. Fits the guitar really nice and snug, and looks and feels like genuine imitation leather, even though it's not.




I've only had it for about an hour, but here are my intitial comments:


Build quality: I'll give it an 7 out of 10. There are some visible flaws in the finish (see below), and a haze on the plastic parts. I can get rid of the haze, but the flaws are there to stay. I'll probably have to change out the pots as well, they just feel cheap and are probably holding the PUPS back. But if you don't look too close, it's a stunner.


Setup: I'd give it a 6 because the intonation was off (all strings) and the action too high. I've already corrected that, but many buyers have no idea how to do this, so it would be a big negative for the inexperienced.


Playability: Strings seem a little stiff, but overall not bad for a guitar in this price range, I'll give it an 8 for now, may go up as I get the setup fine tuned and the strings lubed up.


Sound: I'm gonna give it a 9 for now. I cranked it up through my Pro Reverb and it sounds like a really phenominal rock and blues guitar. Could go to a 10 with new pots and more tweaking.


Overall Value: I guess that averages out to 7.5. I think it will go up as I tweak it tho. No buyer's remorse at all, it's a incredible value for the money. We never had options like this in the 70's, that's for sure.



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Bin Location? Not a nice way of Epiphone referring to one's abode... J/K



Yeah it's fake, send it to me and i'll dispose of it properly.


Love the Riviera and hope you do too pal

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HNGD to you brianh' date='


Nice guitar, hope they're available in europe, too.

I e-mailed the european coustomer-service a couple of days ago,

but still no answer yet.


Enjoy your new family-member.




I emailed them long time ago and got response saying it's never gonna reach Europe (sorry). That's exactly why i went through the hell to get mine from states. But I love it (which means it was worth it)




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Absolute FAKE! "Real" Riviera's were made in America, and discontinued in 1969-early '70, with the Epiphone move, to Asia.

So, anything after that, is a "Fake!" LOL! (Just kidding) Hey...If "Gibson/Epiphone" calls it a "Riviera," it's a Riviera! ;>)


Now, in all seriousness, you should LOVE that guitar! I do, mine! As to the finish flaws (you pointed out),

I hate to say this, but I've seen very similar problems on 5 thousand dollar Gibsons! Some, LP's don't even

have the tops sanded down enough to totally get rid of the wavy feeling from the carving. MOST are fine, great

even...but, there's always a few!


All in all, a great/amazing guitar, at a reasonable price point!



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welcome to the very hot and affordable p-93 club. when i got mine last fall i had to buff of over spray. boy did it shine after that. Question --what pots would u guys use. Stock is ok for now. I am looking at upgrading my dot this year and looking for recommendations.


enjoy the p-93. and for those who are at the level. cb -- hit use with a audio clip on the p-93. =D>

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Or' date=' as they say in 'jersey: "Is youse gonna hit us wif a wack audio clip? Fuggeddaboudit."[/quote'] That'd be north Jersey, I'd imagine....south Jersey is closer to Philly accent =D> ..... not that there's anything wrong with that :D/ Grew up in suburban Phila and spent many summers going "down the shore" (going to the NJ beach, in other words -Surf City, Long Beach Island, NJ .....woohoo !!!!!! Great times, great memories of teenage days and nights down the shore in the '70's.....when Springsteen was king....although, in all fairness, he's done some stellar stuff lately, but there were some years I didn't care for his MOR stuff) !!! I miss the beach !!!

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