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Some Epiphone questions


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Hi all!


I've been playing guitar for 1 year now. My only guitar is a acoustic, but now I want to buy an Epiphone Les Paul.

I found the usual ones: Les Paul standard and the customs.

I like the simple standard one which cost 400 euros. But I also like the vintage sunburst custom (like the Epiphone signature Slash).



The vintage sunburst is €550, but is it worth the extra cash? Is it better built, or are the pickups better?

I would love to get the Slash sound, which one would be better for that result?

Offcourse I would like the Slash signature one, but they are all sold out. :P


One pic. of the custom:




Thanks for your help.

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Hey there, Kobayag ... welcome to the forum!


The difference between the Epiphone Les Paul Custom and the Standard Plus Top can be described in two words: "The Bling"! Headstock binding and gold hardware, basically. The customs always seem to weigh a tiny bit more to me, but you could pick up 20 different Epi Les Pauls and they would all weigh a little bit different, so that really doesn't seem to be a deciding factor either.


It looks like the customs are currently only being produced in the ebony and white (unless you want to take the Prophecy models into consideration ... and they are a completely different animal), so if you are looking for a nice, flamed top, the standards actually come out ahead.


I gotta admit to being a fool for gold hardware and binding, so I love the customs, but as far as creating the sound you are looking for,you might be a little bit better off going for the standard and investing the difference in pup's to get that Slash sound. Let's see what the other members have to say ...


Have fun making your decision ... and , again ... welcome!



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thanks for you warm welcome and reply.

So theres no actualy hardware difference between the standard and the custom.

Meaning I would only pay more for the looks..


And yea, I've also tought about the SD alnico pros. Will the sound be much better with thoes?

I know Slash always plays with a Marshall amp. So I'm thinking about buying a Marshall. I think the MG 30 DFX is good enough, any comments about that one?



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I could do without the gold and would settle for chrome, but an LP Custom for me has to have nice binding and flawless finish.


I have nothing to compare it to, but I have read where the finishing quality seems to be better on the Customs. As well it should be for the price difference. I've never seen a Standard in person, so this is just second hand news.


I was very leary of buying a guitar mail order, but I live so far away from an authorized dealer I wasn't wasting the gas for the drive with free shipping and liberal return policies.


I received what I'd consider a AAA+ Custom. Not a flaw anywhere in the finish, and I looked everywhere from under the bridge, every binding joint, and hardware installation. Must be a Wednesday guitar. I'd put it up against a Gibson any day of the week. And yes, I have seen and played those in person. Some didn't even measure up to my Epiphone.


Of course if you don't like black, white, or Silverburst, there is always the Standard.

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Be careful with the Marshalls - the nameplate doesn't guarantee good tone at all. You might want to search around on this forum and others for opinions on various amplifiers before getting stuck with something that seems cool initially, but bores you to tears in a few months. My money is on Fender, Vox, Epiphone and Blackheart in most reasonable price ranges. But it all depends on what you have to spend and what kind of tone you want. Take your time and play thorugh everything you can get your hands on...

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Guest icantbuyafender

spend abit more and you can get a handsome devil combo or lil giant combo by Blackheart Eng.,


These have much more practicality and versatility, granted the difference of having/lacking DSP effects.


You'll be glad you went with a Blackheart in the long run.


p.s: That vintage burst LP custom is a fox!


Usually, Id go for white, since Im no match for the legendary black beauty 3


Enjoy your endeavors into epiphones and welcome to the forum.


We can answer questions and help ya out , just search for the topic of interest or start a thread.



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Thanks for your replies,


I'm just a beginning player, I'm not asking too much of the amp and dont want to spend too much on my first one.

But I'll check other amps out and do some research on the forum.



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I can't say from experience' date=' but I've heard nothing but bad things about Marshall's MG series.[/quote']


I did I returned the MG30DFX when it was still within the 30 days to GC. Harsh and terrible sounding. If you are going to go SS check out the Peavey Envoy. Cheaper than the Marshall and 40 watts vs 30.


Does a nice Fender Blackface on the clean vintage and use the cash saved to do a speaker upgrade. The stock speaker is ok. I had a spare Rajun Cajun but I would do an Emminence Copperhead if I was buying a new one.

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Some of your decisions will be made by how much money you want to spend.

I own a tube amp, an older Music Man that sounds great, and

I just bought a small Vox. It has a tube in the output section, but is otherwise solid state.

It models a few amps, and has a small effects section built in. I like it for it's small

size and big sound. Great for a small gig, or your living room.

It is a decision that takes some trial and possibly error.

Welcome to the Epi forum.

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Welcome to the forum, it all depends on playing styles, I have a Ebony custom and the only reason I got it was price and it was a smooth player, I play mostly fast rhythm's and I have mine set for lower action in the first fie frets, I just got a rare studio with a cracked neck that I fixed and it weighs almost as much as my custom, now that has the alnico pick ups and the action is set pretty normal that's my basic Chord thrasher. I just purchased a sunburst studio with EMG 81/85's and I'll have to see when it gets here. I have a little roland cube 20x and it is solid state and it's ok for the little practice jams but if I want to write seriously and mimic the tone and sustain I get from my ovations(which is what I mainly write off of) I got to plug into my 5150 since I haven't picked up a decent tube practice amp. I got to stop buying guitars and get an amp, but it's so addictive and those deal breakers are gona get you every time!!!

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The custom sure looks sweet but as said the looks are about the only differenceso thats basically a matter of personal taste,i would go for the custom but i sometimes spend as much time just staring at my axes as i do playing them like i did with my SG Prophecy when i first got it.( See the vid)

As far as the Marshall goes ,,i'm not really familiar with the MG series but i think that if its the Msrshall sound you're looking for you really need to go Tube,,i have 2 JTM 612 combos that are just unbelieveable(unfortunately they're no longer made but i'm sure that there are newer models that would do the trick you realy ant beat the Marshall ,Les Paul combination. Actually got to meat the father of loud himself Mr. JIm marshall a few years back,,heres a pick of that (note the **** eating grin on my face) One of the happiest moments of my life!!!





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Welcome Kobayag!


I'd like to comment on the Marshall SS amps. IMHO, they are the best SS amps for getting a "Marshally" sound, way more Marshall-sounding than any of the modelling amps. The modelling amps are more aimed towards getting a variety of different amp sounds, while the Marshall MGs are really well designed to get a tone emulating their big tube brothers. The weak point in these amps are the speakers; good speakers can make a world of difference. An EQ stompbox is also valuable to smooth out the sound.


Another point is that Kobayag is essentially a beginner. Having an awesome tube amp is not going to make him into Slash. A solid state amp can be played at low volumes, and the Marshalls have headphone outputs, too. While he is learning, a Marshall MG would be a fine choice. (I've got a MG15 for home practice, and a MG100DFXH for backup to my DSL100 gigging rig.)

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