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My Joe Pass Epi Upgrades


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Hey all,


Thought I'd share a picture of my guitar after getting some work done. I've had my left handed Joe Pass for 6 months or so and absolutely love it. The best hollow body lefty without spending some big bucks. I had some intonation problems that I couldn't stand (and it turns out the bridge was sliding down twords the neck over time). So I threw 250 down for a shop in Seattle to install a new Gibson Nashville Bridge, a new footing because the original wasn't thick enough and pinned down the new one. The only downside is the tone a bit different and the guitar doesn't resonate as well as it used to. (That can also be taken as a good thing)




First show with the new upgrades... with some blood of course :P

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I get into it a little too much, and my picking hand gets in the way, lol. I noticed blood about half way through our set, so I think next time I'll get a fresh pick and see if it helps.


D'Addario 11-49s. Haven't broken a string yet with these :)

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Damn!!! Blood on the axe...and they call ME Maniak!!!Seriously though ,,,she's a beauty!!Always wnted one of those ever since they came out ,,but im a rocker mostly and i keep buying solid bodies,,SGs being my latest fetish.


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