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Epiphone LP Custom Midnight Limited Edition Guitar of the Month 2005


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I have an opportunity to buy one of these. Can anyone give me any information on this guitar other than what you can find on the web? I've read that it was a limited run of 500 made in 2005 for Epi's GOTM series for that year. It's gotten TONS of good reviews. I'm just wondering if anyone may know the current value on these, if they were made in china/korea, and if they were truly ran in a limited run of 500 or not.

P.S. I'm new to the forum and did a search, but it yielded nothing for me. Thanks in advance for any help!


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Mine is made in Daewon China denoted by factorycode "I" before de serial.

You have to question the "limited-ness" of an Epi LE. I think Limited Edition in Epi-speak is not refering to a fixed amount but rather a timeframe where a certain model is produced as long as it sells. Usually this Limited-ness is defined by non-standard pickups, finish, hardware or any combination of these. As such it has no real added value. Basicly it's just a Ebony LP Custom fitted with EMGs and black hardware.

No idea of value, but IMO it's not better or worse in quality than any of Epiphones other LP offerings.

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