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Replacing the bridge and tuners on Dot Studio... What sizes?


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I want to swap by black tuneomatic and stopbar, and tuners, for chrome ones. Everything on Ebay says "Gibson/Epiphone," but I'm told that Gibson and Epi use two completely different measurements. I want to find a set on the cheap, so I'm really looking for a good price, but I need to find some that FIT!


What sizes am I looking for? Why is all this stuff labeled Gibson AND Epiphone when they use different sizes? Urgh.

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Good stuff at GuitarFetish that many of us have been quite satisfied with. Pretty sure the following, for example, will fit.


Bridge: http://store.guitarfetish.com/labutustchbr.html


Tuners: http://store.guitarfetish.com/fusigrch3x3t.html


I'm pretty sure those tuners are Jinho brand, same as stock Dot Studio (they're what's on my DS)


Look around their site at the other stuff, too. Email Jay with questions as to fit, etc.

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I've swapped out plenty of bridges on epis.

and I've sold quite a few rollers that fit right in.

the only problems I've hit are the sheraton II's from Korea. odd stuff there.

I redid my dot studio.. and used a schaller, which was a major pain and I didn't have to do it.


they come in metric so gibson, usa size, don't fit.

some of the tails however will fit.


Tuners will usually be grovers.. it's really a question of whether they have press fit bushings, or screw in. those aren't interchangeable.


You can search a few pages back for my Big Red thread and see new tuners, tail and bridge as well as some other things, and I have all those part numbers and can tell you what to expect in replacements.

Just pm me.



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