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Non Reverse Thunderbird

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Hi, new to the forum and just thought I'd show off my Non Reverse Thunderbird.

I bought it a couple of years ago on Ebay after I started collecting guitars again.

I sold my beloved 67 Precision back in 84 and hadn't owned a guitar from then till 2006 when I got myself a 79 Precision. That got me started and now I have 14 or 15 guitars (you tend to lose count, especially when you're hiding most of them from the girlfriend).



I love the look and feel of it. Couldn't really comment too much on the sound of it as it's rarely been plugged in and cranked up. Unplugged there's a fair bit of rattle on the bottom string which I've not been able to eliminate, but the rattle doesn't come through when plugged in.


In case anyone is as geeky as I am about hearing what guitars others have....

My collection at present is roughly..


1979 Fender Precision

Sage Green Fender Strat (Mexican)

1974 Ibanez 2388 (Rickenbacker 6 string copy)

1962/63 Hagstrom Futurama

1969 Kawai six string

Line 6 Variax 600

Italia Maranello Bass (sparkly gold)

1979 Ovation Magnum Bass

2001 Epiphone Firebird VII

1969 Columbus 335 copy

60s Jedson Bass


plus nice Freshman acoustic and a couple of non interesting copies

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Very nice bass! It's weird seeing a Thunderbird with a P/J instead of the humbucker setup. Also funny is that its a non-reverse body with a reverse headstock. You could say it is a non-reverse-reverse. I love the headstock on it too. Almost exactly like my EMB, and quite different from the Thunderbirds you see now.


And dont worry about that string rattle if it doesnt come though the amp...unless you really dont like it. I tend to lower all of my strings until they rattle slighlty when played unplugged. I like the edgier tone it gets, but thats just a personal preference.


Time to plug it in a crank it up to 11.

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Hi, I have this same bass, neck plate says;

"Hand crafted in Korea by Epiphone, the epiphone company, Nashville, Tennessee USA, (serial) s5040173"


- mine is the same colour as this one, just my pickguard is plain white, almost all else the same (headstock, pickups, colour, non-reverse/reverse etc)

My truss rod cover is white and has the "E" logo on it in black, and the headstock is plain black.


Anyone out there know how to date these with the serial?? Thanks

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