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Anyone Wanna Give This A Listen?


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Really Impressive, metalhead! While I'm not the much into metal myself, both of my sons are so I've come to know a lot of it through osmosis (and my eardrums). I've always been very impressed by the precision that the good metal bands display ... the exacting "stops" in metal music are as important as the played notes ... if that makes any sense at all!


Put it this way, to a metal "shredder", the strumming hand plays an equally important role as the fretting hand ... again, it's very precise muisc if played well. You really have that going on in this clip ... great tone out of that guitar as well.


Playing "classic" rock and blues, you get to be a little bit sloppier and still sound cool (think Rollig Stones). Nicely done, buddy ... thanks for sharing it with us!



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