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Dot setup specs.


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Ok, I'm the new [49yo] kid in town. How about this one:

I can't find the recommended relief spec for my Dot. Most manufacturers give you a clue. Epiphone just says "Bring it to a repairman" I don't think so. I do all of my own work. On a Strat [sorry] they say .008 to .010 at the 7th fret. I had a little buzz on the Dot. I tweaked it to about dead flat to .005 or so. I see that if you go too loose with the trussrod, you actually get back bend, not more relief. Is this normal? This is the first set neck guitar I've worked on, maybe this is normal. I would like to get a tick more relief, but I'm nervous about doing damage. BTW I'm running SIT 10's.:D

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