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POTS...wire harness...


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Thanks for NO Help on the resistor/capacitor on the L-4 volume pots..


...but for those who actually work on them...its a Memphis volume kit, as it is known today. It keeps the tremble from bleeding off at low volumes...interesting. ACME sells them SKU: A 40-102-102P6 2.60 a pop and worth it.


What I want to know is: What is the actual difference between an A and B pot... and which is better for volume and why?


Anyone...I have an entire EPI wire harness and there is NOT ONE SCHEMATIC that coresponds to the way this one is set up..not one EPI, not one Gibson, but came right out of EPI...Masterbuilt with 57s....and it appears that it does not follow the same grounding and has 550 A and 500 B pots with the capacitors on the A pot and only one ground between all the pots, there is no cross grounding...nice looking and clean set up. I simply wonder where to connect the pickups...LOL!


A- volume?



or vice versa and anyone have a site for various EPI schematics?


Thank you

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