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OK, it has been some months since i put a p-rail in the bridge of my lp jr black on black. i chose a push-pull option as not to add new holes to the finish.


I have to say, i am overwhelmed as to how nice the p-rail makes this 89.00 guitar sound. I did use cts pots and orange drop cap, along with a graphite nut upgrade. Yes, i went over the top for the wood quality on the jr!!!!! I have done this on my davison ls black beauty knock off with gfs 59 style pups.


In saying that, the p-rail is awesome. To the point i am considering getting a neck pup, so i can put both pups on a future project (no patient as of yet).


If anyone else has modded in a p-rail. Tell us what you like/dislike.






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thanks for the comments. jwalin, i was think that would be the next patient. let me know how it goes.


Midiman, your right on point. the jr screams mojo. i played it thru a blues custom and but sh%t. I am now in the market for a start tube amp. any suggestions!!!!!!

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My Suggestions for a tube amp are as follows....it of course depends on the sound you are looking for, so here you go:


Fender 65 Princeton Reverb, 65 Deluxe Reverb, 57 Champ,

Blackheart Handsome Devil


If you are on a budget and need a versatile amp, then check out the Fender Super Champ XD. I have one and you cannot beat it for the price.


I have a hobby of making separate enclosures and amp heads out of combo amps. Right now I am making a head cabinet for the Super Champ XD, and will run it with a 4-10 custom cabinet with Weber speakers.


My next victim for the conversion will be the Blackheart Handsome Devil in either a 4-10 or 2-12 combo. Likely a 4-10, I think that is my favorite speaker cabinet. A Fender Blues Junior would be great for this also...kind of a low power Bassman.


Add a reverb pedal, tremolo, your favorite OD or distortion, whatever else, and what more do you need?


I am a believer in low power tube amps for live playing, to any level, even stadiums....just mike it. For playing in local clubs and bars, you don't need more than 15 or 20 watts unless the rest of the band (or yourself) is deaf already. Using the sound system to REINFORCE (sound reinforcement, get it??) will make you sound better. And your drummer won't have to hit so hard, and your bassist won't have to have a huge 1000 watt stack, and the vocalist doesn't have to scream, and you won't have to have 500 watts of monitors adding to the horrible sound that is already on stage. Lower the stage volume and your band will sound better.


I'm done ranting about it....I worked live sound for about 8 years and this was my biggest issue, guitarists with 100 watt amps that didn't need PA.....matter of fact, most of the time our 5000 or more watt PA was just able to overcome the noise in a bar setting. And I'm a guitarist!! I play bass also....



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thanks jeff, i will look into the amps you suggested. and stand on your soapbox often. some of us learn alot from other's experience in areas we are weak or have no experience inat all.

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