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Ok here's another one that's been hanging around my neighborhood (or neighbourhood for those of you on GMT) for awhile and needs a home:








Dude wants $325 USD with a fender style tweed case. It's a copy of the Gibson Blueshawk. Both are disco'd, but only the Gibby's are collectable as far as I can tell.


What say?


PS: Clarkuss - don't you have to work in the morning?

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Guest icantbuyafender

The blueshawk/nighthawk is the baby that started my love affair with single cutaway solid bodies.


Never could afford one, as i was only 13 and since I was learning classical guitar methods I was discouraged from playing electrics.


turned 15 got a job bussin tables, bought a squier strat pack and the electric guitar habbit was born.


Id have bought the nighthawk, I tried but no local shop had one. so i saved cash by gettin' the squier to see how i liked the electric world


Gosh i feel 13 again seeing that guitar, the nostalgia and the mystery of how it feels to play it still gets to me.


Shoulda just plucked it off the rack when i had the chance to just feel her out. The owner played it for me and it was like heaven.

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