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Question about Tony Iommi Guitar


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I see alot of bad reviews about this guitar and its got me worried. Whats up with that? I have no problem with the heavy neck neck because I sit down when I play but I keep hearing about switches shorting out and cheap hardware.

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It's a G-400 - neck dive is part of it and you learn to compensate, get a wide leather strap, or if you

play sitting isn't much of an issue anyway. It's an Iommi - so the strap pin is on the upper horn - This

helps a bit, but not much. It's an Iommi - so you tend to forgive/overlook a few minor things. It's an

Epiphone so the electrics are gonna be somewhat suspect in the wiring and hardware department:

but it's an Iommi so the pickups are not part of the weak Epiphone electrics usual set of problems.

Some say Iommi pickups are; some say they are not - Gibson produced. If you download the schematic

for Iommi pickups from the Gibson site it mentions that installed pickups are two conductor and that

individual sold pickups are four conductor. With that info from the Gibson site obviously aimed at the

Epiphone model I tend to believe that they are in fact Gibson; especially after comparing the goo backs

and lead insulations of both two and four conductor Iommi pickups. In my biased opinion, short of an

Elitest, an Iommi is the best Epiphone G-400 you can own.



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