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The beast lives, but help me with this tone pot problem


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Hi all,


Over the past few weeks I've put push pull pots on my Goth LP and gave it this flavor or Jimmy Page wiring:




Despite not doing this sort of thing regularly or with much experience (or reason, for that matter) it came out working pretty well and the variations are interesting, if nothing else. There is one problem, however, that I think is fairly common but I can't figure out. The neck tone knob does not seem to affect the tone very much, and when you turn it all the way down, it kills the signal of the neck pickup. Does this sound familiar?


If you can help me troubleshoot this , I'd appreciate it.



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It should never kill the signal up or down.

It should kill the tone all the way down. it's almost a useless position.

So you've got something wrong in there, component or wiring.


Get a 500K linear CTS tone pot with a good cap.. and consider buying a cap of the next value up and the next value down.. so that you can see if you really like the same cap on the neck as the bridge.. given that they are two different pickups in two different places.



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when soldering:


both pots all the way down at all times. always.


heat component lug or lead then apply solder.


heat doesn't really bother the caps much, but try to follow a rule of ten seconds of applying heat.

30 seconds cooling in between.


heat can affect resistors so you want a heat sink to put on the lead between where it connects and

the R. itself.


silve content solder takes less heat and solder, works easier, and holds better.


All leads to caps or resistors should be roughed out with something (I use needle files) so you're soldering to fresh bare metal.


stranded wires leads should be twisted ,then tinned.

and clip off with end cutters anything that sticks out as big as this 'i'.


twist and tin the lead, then carefully bend it to fit into the hole nicely.


Remember that if you squash the stranded wire flat then tin it. it can be too big for the lug hole.

check before you tin.


don't leave any tiny wires out.

rat shack sells cans of electronics duster. good for cleaning pots, too..

and it's nice to keep the dust out as you go along, and hit it when you're done.


the lugs can be roughed out a bit, too, for best connection.



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Tt is a common problem and not realy a problem if you blend properly....they are not wired independently....its about 'load' and you need to check to see if you mixed the pots or have them B to A or A to B....There is a difference.


My harness from the old Joe Pass is like that...and the new one I got..same thing....

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