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What Case For SG?


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I need to get my Epi SG into a case, not a gig bag (I have one). I want solid protection for it. I would like to get one of those plastic cases like the SKB. More to the point I need specific manufacturer names and model names/numbers. Links would be most appreciated.


While I'm asking, how about a similar case for something like an Epi dot, Casino, 335 type guitar?

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Personally, I use the Epiphone SG case for my G-400 and I like it a lot. Nicely made, fits the guitar snugly, and (I must confess) I like having the Epiphone logo on the case to match my Epiphone guitar...





However, you inquired about an ABS-style case. The Epiphone case is not an ABS case, it is a traditional wood/vinyl construction.


For ABS cases I would recommend Gator hands down, every time.


For an SG you will need the GC-SG. See: http://www.gatorcases.com/productsmodeldetail.aspx?LID=2&PID=7&MID=35






If you look at the main Gator page, you will see they make ABS cases for Les Pauls, 335s, Fenders, acoustics and so on...




They are excellent cases. Very robust. They are also excellent value. The SG case can be ordered from somewhere like Guitar Center for $85. See: http://www.guitarcenter.com/Gator-GC-SGS-Solid-Guitar-Deluxe-ABS-SGS-Solid-Guitar-Style-Electric-Guitar-Case-545881-i1167522.gc (Epiphone's own non-ABS case costs $79).

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If your looking for PROTECTION with a capital "P", I highly recommend SKB Cases, out of Orange, Ca. These are tough cases ... I have them for all of my "working" guitars and I have complete confidence in them (these suckers are baggage-handler proof)! Go to their site and click on the guitar cases ... all of the specifics are there ...





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