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Joe Pass Emperor-II Serial Number


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That there is either a fake or a Korean Samick built Joe Pass from 1993. At that time Samick was the only factory building the Joe Pass models, so they didn't use (or need) the letter prefix to identify the factory.


If the guitar is the one in your avatar pic, I'm afraid it may be a fake. The position of the volume and tone controls, selector switch and pickguard look a bit suspect to me, although it's hard to tell at that resolution. (Note the differences with the pic in mrjones2004x's avatar)

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13 minutes ago, jackhammer111 said:

I have an epiphone Emperor II pro VN serial number 18081500476

Does it need a letter to be authentic?  I bought it new at a reputable music store.  My real question is where was it manufactured?

Epiphones were built by several asian manufacturers that used different SN codes. In 2005 Gibson opened the Qingdao plant to build Epiphones and has gradually taken over production.

Serial number: 18081500476

Production year: August 2018 (serial: 00476)

Made by Qingdao (electric), China

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Hello friends,

could you help me?  I'm about to buy an Epiphone Joe Pass Emperor  (Not Emperor II or Pro).

How can I find out the year and place of construction, the type of pickup and more?

On the label it says:      Model:  EMPEROR       Serial:   99080100


Thanks so much!!


7021008_1631375777 (1).jpg

7021008_1631375778 (1).jpg




WhatsApp Image 2021-12-22 at 16.21.19.jpeg


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