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Epiphone EJ-200 Acoustic Guitar


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I am thinking of purchasing the above guitar' date=' what would be involved in making it semi acoustic and how expensive would it be?


I know there is the EJ-200CE but I don't fancy the cutaway in the body.


Any advice greatly appreciated.[/quote']


Installing a pickup into an EJ200 would not be difficult at all. Choose which type you'd like and take it to a local guitar tech for installation. There are a few different types depending on how you want it to sound. My preference is for a warm acoustic sound rather than the sharp electric sound of the under-saddle pickups.


I've installed LRBaggs iBeam active pickups in four acoustics and have never been disappointed with the sound. Others have raved about the K&K Pure Western Mini as being the best acoustic pickup. Both of these pickups are installed on the bridge plate under the bridge of the guitar. The iBeam active has a battery where the K&K does not.


For a soundhole magnetic pickup, the LRBaggs M1 gets lots of kudos from everyone.

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The I-Beam will not fit the EJ-200. I have tried, there is not enough room between the braces.


For a sound board transducer, the K&K Pure Western is king. You can get it with or without a battery preamp. You can also get it combined with the under saddle transducer, and an on board preamp that will not modify your guitar past drilling a hole for the UST to go through under the saddle.


For the soundhole magnetic, I agree with the above, the LR Baggs M-1 active (or even the passive one) is the way to go.


As far as cost....the best setup will cost about as much as the guitar sells for, and the cheapest, easiest route is to get the M-1 Active.


I have the an EJ-200, and I will go with the K&K system. Like I said, I tried the I-beam, and it did not work. Worked on the Masterbuilt EF-500R I had, though.

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I have just got the EJ200. Had heard a lot about the LR Baggs M1. Had a go with a mates and it sounded really dreadful - playing out to AER Compact 60 so it should have sounded good - was really disappointed, Have been told K & K is the way to go.

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