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Newbie question: Flying V headstock logo (refinishing)

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Hi folks,


As the subject suggests, I'm new to these forums. I've owned a black Epi Flying V for about ten years, and it's pretty beaten up. I don't play it much, because I've got better axes, but I thought I'd pull it out of the cupboard and do some work on it.


I've sanded back the body and am going to refinish it. I was going to do the same for the headstock, which has been broken near the nut a few times and repaired - it looks pretty ugly. The damage is some distance from the top of the logo.


Given that the folks here seem to have a wealth of experience with such things, I thought I'd ask for a bit of advice.


Is it possible in anyway to separate the original Epi logo (and serials) from the headstock, so I can reapply them? Or is it possible to sand and refinish around them? Do Epiphone do replacement logos? Or should I just leave things as they are and work on the guitar body?


If it helps, I'll post some photos - just let me know.


Any advice or tips would be much appreciated.




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What kind of logo is it? Pearloid inlay or gold silksreen? Please, post some pics. Let's see what it looks like. If you are refinishing the guitar you should leave the front of the headstock black anyway. Most Gibsons/Epiphones have black headstocks. Just mask of the front of the headstock, then sand and refinish the rest. When you spray your clear coats, remove the masking tape, rough up the face of the haed stock a little with some steel wool, and spray away. It will look come out looking more original than if you sanded the headstock down to bare wood.

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